Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Am Back! Running A Half Marathon Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone! I have missed you all and it is good to be back! I am sure that all of you are wondering what and the hell happened to me. Well, sometimes life just happens. We all have times where we need to take something and set it on the back burner. I have not been running a ton but signed up for a half marathon several months ago. I am running in the Lake Minnetonka half marathon in the morning. I ran this race last year and it was the half marathon of my personal best PR. I loved this race and it will always hold a dear spot close to my heart. I actually have no business running this since I have not run anything over six miles lately! Ha ha, I must love pain or be really stupid:) My plan is to run it slow and treat it as a training run. Hey, if I am jogging I will get better pictures....right! So tomorrow I am lacing up my beloved Asics and trekking into the world of running adventure and possibly painful moments:) Keep your fingers crossed that I have nice weather and finish in one piece!!!

Happy running, biking, swimming, lifting and surfing!! Cheers to you all!
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