Monday, December 7, 2009

The Anoka Jingle Bell 5k 2009 11-28-09

I ran in the Anoka Jingle Bell 5K with my 14 year old daughter Kay on November 28. We arrived at the Anoka High School and checked in. This was the first time for us and we didn't know what to expect. We went out to the start line with about 10 minutes to start time and did a little warm up. We both decided it probably wasn't going to be our best wasn't. We usually can stay together for the first two miles before I end up breaking away from Kay. Today I was running with her for a whole minute before she said she had a side ache. I really don't remember much of the race other than thinking, this sucks and I don't feel good running today. I attempted to keep my normal 5k pace but I am thinking I was moving way slower. It was a pretty course with the river and trees but there were several killer hills that I didn't get along with:) I don't like hills. I do remember being passed by a 9 to 12 year old little girl who was just booking it:) You go girl!! This was the part of the run that I started to think, Oh my God how much longer before I can see the finish line! It wasn't much longer after this that my right hip started to bother me again but to top it off my left leg was hurting me as well. I am pretty sure that I was limp/running in for the last 400 meters of the race. My offical time was 24:36. Yikes, however, I was still able to take 2nd place for the 30-39 age group. Kay ended up walking part of it and came in with a time of 26:43. She was not happy...her PR for the 5K is 24:30. We hope to have better luck next time. My next run is the Snowflake Shuffle 5k December 12 2009:)

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