Monday, December 14, 2009

Brrr, it is cold, but I think I am getting used to running in it! 12-14-09

I actually got enough nerve to do an outside run yesterday afternoon. I was a little sore but it was nothing that I couldn't live with. I ran in my neighborhood on the roads and that was not fun. There was a snow and salt mixture that made it impossible to get good traction. After about one mile I saw that some of the side walks were actually cleaned off! I was so happy to be on a normal surface with minimal snow and icy patches. I ran around Golden Rod Marsh pond and then up West Fish Lake Road to Weaver Lake Road. I ran all the way down Weaver Lake Road until the break away path to some of the trails. I was able to only run less than a mile on that trail before the cleared snow ended. Crap, I was so hoping I could do my normal seven mile route. I had to turn around and head for home. I ran back up Weaver Lake Road and down West Fish Lake Road back to my neighborhood street. I looked at my watch and I had only ran for 35 minutes. My lips were starting to get chapped but my feet were fine. If it hadn't been for needing some major chap stick I probably would of kept going:) It felt good to get out and run. The cold didn't bother me like it did Saturday. I am thinking that I ran about four miles total. I can't wait for Wednesday so that I can run during the day:) Wednesday is my day off from work during the week and before the snow fell it was my 10 mile day.

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  1. Nice job getting out for a run in this cold! I went out yesterday morning, but the windchills were too much for me this morning.


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