Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Happenings!

It was so nice to have a wonderful long weekend! I loved having that extra day to get things done. I did some big time yard work and was able to get a little shopping in:) As far as running goes....this is what my weekend looked like.

Friday....off, rest day.
Saturday...I got up early and drove to St. Cloud to meet my running group. I met Deb at 6AM and we ran for 30 minutes before heading back to meet a few more runners. We then went out again for another run. On the way back from this one I had to pull over and rest a bit. I felt like getting sick. Yuck...it was getting a little warm. I went back to my car and waited until 7:50 for the final SCRR's to show up for the morning run. We took our group picture and I ended up going out for one more short run. A few of the group wanted to do seven more miles but I knew that wasn't going to work for me. We took off and I ran with Denny for the first 1.5 miles we turned around and Pat joined us. Again, on the way back I felt sick and needed to walk. Denny and Pat slowed down for me even though I told them to keep going. Eventually, I started to run slowly but needed to walk one more time before we hit the parking lot:( I just felt like crap. My total morning miles ended up being 9.5.
Sunday....I went out and ran 7 miles. I ran around Rice Lake and then continued on throughout my neighborhood.
Monday...I did a short 4 miles.

On Saturday after my group run I drove into Sartell for the Apple Duathlon. There were several of the SCRRs competing in this. This was my first time watching one of these! I walked to where the finish line was and watched the runners come in. There were still a few bikers making their transition to the final run too. It was very interesting to look at the bike transition area. There were so many different types of bikes. I really enjoyed watching this race! It made me want to seriously start looking for a bike! Maybe next year after my marathon training is over, I could train for a smaller duathlon and see how it goes:)

I drove my daughter Kay to track practice yesterday so that she could practice jumping for tomorrow nights sectionals. Up until her practice yesterday her longest jump was 15' 6...not too bad for an eighth grader! The head coach worked with her yesterday and she had the jumping pit and him to herself because many of the track team was out of town. When I picked her up she had this huge smile on her face! She said, "Mom. guess how far I jumped today?" I guessed 15' 7. She said, "Oh my God mom, I actually jumped 16' 11!!" Her track coach put tennis balls in the sand where the 15 foot mark was. She was to use it as a visual to have an idea about how far more she needed to jump. Well, it turns out he was tricking her and put the tennis balls at the 16 foot mark! It worked:) If she can jump 17' 2 tomorrow she will get to go to state:) I really hope that she can pull out three more inches out of at least one of her jumps tomorrow!

I need to get moving here but will post again Wednesday or Thursday evening:) I will link in everyone's giveaways after work today. Happy running, swimming, biking and lifting! Cheers to you!

I am having some issues posting pictures! I am not sure what and the heck is going on! Grr! My posting page looks a little different and it will not let me click on browse and choose from my Nikon pictures! My symbols look a little different too! I have no idea what is going on? Jamoosh, I know that you are the computer expert...do you have any thoughts? Is there anyone else who might know what my computer's problem is? I have several pictures that I wanted to post....not happening this morning!

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  1. Sorry about feeling sick---was it the heat? Blech! Way to go Kay on some awesome jumps! Maybe I need to go watch a duathlon to get up the nerve to actually sign up!

  2. "It made me want to seriously start looking for a bike! Maybe next year after my marathon training is over, I could train for a smaller duathlon and see how it goes:)"

    Yep, Jules that is how it all begins. After a few rides you'll be like, "maybe I could try out this swimming thing!" ...Then you are writing a post about your first Triathlon being planned. Then you do your first Tri and you think about how much faster you would be with an actual Tri Bike ... then before you know it you have a picture of yourself on this blog wearing a pointy helmet and talking about doing an Ironman. And it all start b/c you went and checked out that Duathlon!!! Have a good week!

  3. Good job for hanging in there for more running after you felt sick. Wow, your daughter is a star! Good luck to her.

  4. Running in the heat sucks the life out of me!!!!Blah! Here's to getting through the next 100 days!
    Congrats to your leap frog daughter!

  5. Come over to the dark side Julie and get a bike! hehe

    You will have more than enough resources from your followers to get you started. Now to get you to swim... ;)

  6. I am with Jon...lets go Julie, do a tri!!!!

  7. Wow your daughter's doing so well! Hope she gets to 17'2 tomorrow!

  8. Love the way Jeff puts the progression into tris! So true. WOW, your daughter is impressive! Hope she does well.

  9. Ah! I hope you feel better- this might help...
    YOU WON! (the Peaceful Mountain Giveaway)
    did it help? Do you feel a lil better now?
    Tell your girl good luck! She will be a star like her mama :)

  10. Hi!
    with the pics, i know for my blog and the new template- posting pics has been finicky. i've had to sort of 'trick' it to upload it and then not actually insert it. i click out of the pic option, then i go back and insert the pic and it lets me. make sense? it's weird i know.

    have a good week!

  11. I hope your daughter can make it to state :) Have a wonderful week!

  12. If your daughter takes after you, she should have no problem! Have a great week. :)

  13. Now you got the suspense built to see how Kay did!! LOL... and I too would recommend swimming :-)

  14. Haha! I love how all the tri people are tri-ing to convince you to go all the way :) :)

    Yay Kay! I bet she does great!

  15. Good luck to your daughter! I'm sure she will be strong like her mother :)
    Have a nice week!

  16. Yes, like Jeff said:)
    Seriously, biking will make you a stronger runner!

  17. What is wrong with this post? Only a single picture. What the heck? FYI, you didn't win an opener but send me your address and I'll give you one anyway!

  18. First - consider using Windows Live Writer for your blog posts. Totally rocks and you get multiple picture options.

    Second - jamesdavid (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  19. Hi Julie, I hope the computer stuff works itself out. I've heard that Windows Live Writer is great but I haven't tried it yet.
    Have a great week, sounds like you'll be busy!

  20. Julie,

    I am a computer guy and in my expert opinion, something is broken.

    No charge.

  21. Good Luck Kay!! Please keep us posted...
    Get a bike! Have a great week

  22. You will not be sorry if you invest in a bike. I can say from experience, coming from a strong marathon background, that it has Made me a better runner. And, having just added in the swimming in January, has really paid off. I think my overall fitness is better than ever and recovery is faster, especially b/c of the swimming. Just my $.02...lol!
    Running in the heat after having run in cool temps for a while cranks up the lactic acid in your bloodstream which then causes the nausea. I bet that's why you felt like crap.
    Best of luck to Kay on the long jump. Can't wait to hear how she does.
    Get a bike!!!!

  23. Frustrating to not be able to put pics. I hate computer problems! Your daughter is doing so well. Keep us updated!

  24. WOW! Sounds like quite a week. Yes, you NEED
    to get a bike!!! It is great cross training - it balances out your muscle structure and it will make you a stronger runner. Go for it! Have a great week!

  25. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Way to go Kay! Hmmm, how can I somehow trick myself into thinking and feeling like I'm running slower, when really I'm running faster so I can PR at my half this weekend?!

  26. Jeff is right--this is how it starts!

    Sorry you felt bad on Saturday. The heat can really hit hard some days. Soon we'll all be used to it.

    Wow for Kay! That is so cool! Can't wait to hear how it goes for her from here.

  27. you are hard core! Great work!
    Sorry you were not feeling well, being that I don't remember what sun looks like I can't relate ;-)

  28. I hope you are feeling better and don't get sick. I can't wait to hear how far your daughter jumped! Good luck! :)

  29. Good luck to your daughter!

    I was for sure that I would see a race picture here...Glad you are taking it "easy," Speed Racer!

  30. Sorry to hear you had some near visits from the PEWK FAIRY! Isn't it the worst feeling? Thanks for visiting my blog,it saves me talking to myself!!

  31. First of all my hat is off to someone who feels sick and logs 9.5 miles. I hope everything is better now.

    Julie, if you get a bike you will be in trouble... trust me! You will end up with BAS (bike acquisition syndrome) and end up spending a bunch of money on goodies. I have to admit though it is great getting out to ride on a nice sunny day. The other thing is that you will have 2/3 of the things you need to become a triathlete. Next thing you know, you will want to start swimming. Once that happens... well, lets just say that I will enjoy reading your "triathlon" blog.

    That is awesome news about your daughter. That distance for an eight grader is amazing. Well, you know we will all be rooting for her.

    Oh, btw, I had a feeling the the run, bike, swim and "lift" was for me. Thanks!

  32. Sounds like a nice and productive weekend for you and your family, Julie! Congrats to Kay too on her awesome accomplishment. You'll have to let us know if she got those three inches. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. You've got quite a young athlete on your hands =) Have an awesome week!

  33. hey Julie
    thanks for your message - and yes, i am relaxing, and feeling good.
    be careful if you get a bike - you won't be able to stop - running, cycling... then the swimming, and before you know it your into the ironman thing!!!!
    bon courage pour la suite!

  34. Sounds like a very sporting mum has produced an awesome sporting daughter. Good luck to both of you.
    Oh, and if I did two runs before 7 o'clock in the morning I'd certainly be feeling a bit sick! Guess I'm just not a morning person.

  35. Wanda and Peter took second in the Apple Du! Wish i could have been there!

  36. Julie,

    We should meet up this weekend. :-) My cousin and I will be wearing our bright neon yellow NF jerseys so we should be easier to spot. Although there will be other NF Endurance Team members there. Perhaps we'll have to look around for you at a certain spot?

  37. oh boy, next thing we know you'll be signing up for an Ironman!!!! Congrats to Kay on that looooong jump, wow!

    For some reason I have a hammer and screwdriver icon next to alot of the things on my blog, wtf????

  38. Heat is the enemy! Glad that's over with! Happy to hear the weekend was good though.

  39. I'm sorry you were feeling sick on your run, but you still did 9.5 miles! That's awesome!

    Congrats to your daughter! That is so exciting for her!

  40. Hey Julie, send me your addy so I can send you your goods! :)

  41. That's some awesome jumping!!!

  42. I'm not sure of any runner (at least my age and running as long as I have) that hasn't considered trading in the running shoes for a $5000 bike. Haha. Too bad I can't bike to save my life!! Your daughter's quite the jumper, very fun!!! Mine's just into her boyfriend, and dumping the entire contents of her dorm on my living room floor...think I'll go blog about that tonight. Love ya, girl!! xo

  43. Puking is NEVER fun. Someone always says that. What does that mean anyway? Who ever sits at a barbecue and says, ... "hey everyone, you know what I really enjoy? puking... whose with me?"

    Never happens.

    Sounds like your training is still going great regardless of the wobbly feelings in your stomach.

    Did someone say compression sock giveaway?

  44. Hi Julie! I'm so glad you had a three day weekend; so sorry that you felt sick though. :(

    I think you should get a bike! I love road riding, it is a lot of fun and perhaps it is something that your hubbie would enjoy too? You can do both running AND biking!

    Your daughter is awesome! She's going to be a track star jumper someday!

  45. It was warm this weekend and that makes it so much harder to run those longer runs. I'm sorry you felt sick. Good luck to Kay at sections! That was quite an impovement and amazing that she is jumping so high for an 8th grader. Good for her!

  46. Sounds like a good running weekend. Glad the sick feeling was only temporary.
    Congrats to your daughter! That's pretty amazing!

  47. Hey Julie, thanks for your note! I'll be running the half, too, but I'm sure I'll be way behind you. I'm guessing I'll finish somewhere between 2:10 and 2:15 if it's a good day, slower if it's a bad one. I'll look for you as I hang out to watch the marathoners. Good luck on Sunday!!

  48. Hi Julie! I hope that you start to feel better soon, yikes! And wow, your daughter is seriously a rockstar. You must be a proud mama! I am transitioning over to wordpress and it is SO much easier to deal with photos. Just a thought ;)

  49. "It was very interesting to look at the bike transition area. There were so many different types of bikes. I really enjoyed watching this race! It made me want to seriously start looking for a bike!"

    HA!!! I called this one!!! Before you even went to the Du, but I think my swim pics might have you wary of a tri, I think you should get a bike, Jon will help you, he is very knowledge of bikes.

    To answer you question, it does get aggravating when I am in a mass swim and I get bumped, kicked, grabbed, or punched. It throws me off my concentration for about 5 seconds. I guess its just a natural response to see what happen. As many of these swims that I have done, I still get thrown off when touched, its part of the experience.


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