Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good news, I was tagged twice

It has been a few days since my last post. I have been running every day trying to increase my miles. Thank God for Yaktrax! My pacing seems to be consistant at 8.5 to 9.1 minute miles. I am pretty happy with that considering all of the extra layers of running gear I need to put on and the less than stellar running conditions of my paths and roads. Today I ran seven miles on the treadmill and it went fine. I didn't go all gang busters, I just ran 9 minute miles. I am very happy that my hip didn't flare-up:) I have also been getting caught up on reading my running magazines and started to read RUN FAST How to Beat Your Best Time Every Time by Hal Higdon. So far I am liking it:)

My husband gave me flowers for my birthday and they are starting to wilt just a little bit. I wanted to get a picture of them. My little guy saw that I had the camera and jumped on the counter:) He never passes down a photo opportunity.

Now on to the good news, I was tagged not once but twice!! I have never been tagged before so this is pretty exciting. I was first tagged by Katie at Fit to Wed ....she asked me to name seven fun facts about myself and then to tag some other blogger friends! So here fun facts about Julie.

1) I am a twin. I have a brother who was born about three minutes after me. When there are twins one usually takes on the leader role and the other the follower. I was the leader...and I made him do some pretty crazy things!

2) I am a country girl who grew up on a farm. Growing up I had a pet steer named Henry. I loved Henry and he let me ride him around the barn yard:) I was a total tom boy and played sports with my brothers and neighbor boys.

3) When I was in high school I had an independent study class where I would spend most of the time in the library. I attempted to leave the school early to run into Cold Spring to get a can of soda. Just as I was walking to the parking lot to get to my car, my principal, Mr. Peterson caught me. He said, "Julie, where do you think you are going? Don't you know that school doesn't end for another hour?" I looked at him smiling and said, "Oh crap, I guess this means I am busted!" He smiled back and said, "Yes Julie, you are busted." I told him that I just needed a soda and that I was planning on coming back. He put his arm around my shoulder and slowly escorted me back into the school. The entire time we were walking back into the school I was wondering how pissed off my dad was going to be after he found out that his daughter was caught ditching school early. Mr. Peterson walked me back to the teachers lounge and I was puzzled. He asked me what kind of soda I wanted. He then took some change out of his pocket, inserted it into the soda machine and handed me a Diet Coke!! He then smiled and told me to get back to the library where I belonged:)

4) My first degree was broadcast journalism and I worked as a radio announcer for five years. I worked for an easy listening, country and rock radio stations. My favorite part of my job was making the voice overs for commercials. My least favorite part of the job was getting the couple boxes of crazy people calling in and asking me what I looked like.

5) My second career was in the airline industry. I worked as a flight attendant for a charter and a major Minneapolis based Airline. The best part of the job was the traveling to different cities and countries. My least favorite part of the job was never getting enough sleep! The trip that will forever rank as the my best trip was a trip to L.A. My flight crew consisted of myself and three St. Louis based guys. It was by far, hands down, the funnest trip ever. The boys were a riot to work with! There are to many stories that go along with this...will possibly save for another post:)

6) I am a bit of a pack rat....not with clothing or big things that physically take up space. I am a sucker for things that are sentimental. That being said, I have saved all of the letters that I was given in both Jr. and Sr. High school. A few weeks ago I took a trip down memory lane and found a letter that was given to me by my first boy friend. In the letter he told me that going out with me was like dating a nun! The reason he felt compelled to say this is because I denied him opportunity to visit second base:) Very funny!

7) My parents didn't have a lot of money and therefore couldn't afford to send any of their four children to college. I put myself through college and paid for every red cent. I moved to St. Paul paid my own rent and everything else that goes along with being an adult. I have never borrowed money from anyone!! When I was going to college I had a full load of credits, worked full time and had an intership. I basically lived on three hours of sleep a night! There is no way in hell that I could do that now:) Now I will go ahead and tag....

Heather at Junk Miles

Tag number two came from Kathy at Running, Life, Learning and Growing. She asked me to name 10 things that make me happy! So here goes....

1) I am a sucker for handbags:) Show me a cute or funky handbag and I melt.

2) A new pair of Asics or a cute running outfit makes me happy.

3) Watching my children's sporting events!

4) When my husband tells me that I was right!

5) I experience joy by making other people happy!

6) When my little guy gives me a hug and tells me that he loves me:)

7) I am always happy if I can make it to a new destination with out getting lost.

8) I love it when I have a great run and I feel like I could run several more miles:)

9) I love reading good books, articles and blogs. If there is something that speaks to me or makes a positive impression, I am thrilled!

10) My favorite flower is the lilac. I am happy when my children bring me lilacs in the spring.

So there you have it....ten things that make me happy! I am now going to tag.....

Jenn at Running Sane

Well that is all that I have for tonight!


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Julie! You have a great list and it's great to get to know more about you. Now I know that you have a great radio voice to go with your running talents. I haven't seen that Women's Running Magazine before. I will have to look for it. I'll work on my list!

  2. That was so fun to read! It's always nice getting to know bloggers! I love it that you put yourself through college. I wish I could make my son do that but I feel so guilty!!!

  3. Hi... I just bumped into your blog and saw that you are a fellow mid-life runner (56 here) and someone who just started a running blog, and I wanted to support you in this endeavor. I don't have a url thing or blog to use to be a follower, but I'll be out here reading regularly.
    Looking forward to hearing about your quest to the half (I've done a few in the past year...)

  4. Love the post! Thanks for the words of encouragment on my blog-not feelin' like too much of a superstar today! In fact, after reading this post I think it is you that deserves superstar status!! I love #6-too funny! Also, #7. I'm the oldest of 6 girls so college was on my own pocketbook as well. Perhaps I should have picked a cheaper school (Concordia in Moorhead) since I just finished paying for it 2 years ago!! Thanks for the tag. I'll work on my list! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Monday and what a great read for a rainy morning. I love learning about more folks; their strengths, struggles, what makes them happy :-) Congrats too on the daily runs!

    Awesome job.

  6. Hey! This was a graet post! I loved learning more about you and will definitely have to find out more about your stint working for airlines. I've always wondered what motivates people to be airline attendants!

    Thanks for the tag! Now I have a subject for tomorrow's post! Have a great day.

  7. Fun stories Julie. I like the High School diet Coke one. Sounds like a good Principal. Nice College experience as well. Times certainly have changed. Especially with the cost of tuition vs. income someone in college can typically make. Self Reliance first, is always the best approach if you are physically and mentally able to do so.

    Wows though - your little guy, looks like the twin of my little guy. Fun that you are twin as well.

    Thanks for sharing and keep running!


  8. Such a great list and I dig the diet coke story! It's something I think I would do too!

    Anyway, thanks for coming over to m blog and leaving such supportive and encouraging comments. I really appreciate your kindness!

  9. Fun facts! That's cool that you are a twin- I always wondered what that would be like. I love all of your magazines- I'm a magazine junkie myself!

  10. I love that you are a twin, I have twins also :). They are both boys but wow, night and day. I love how they have always looked out for each other and when little, if one got in trouble the other would get mad at me for getting upset with them. Ha. Nice job running in this yuckiety-yuck winter weather! Love all your fun facts!

  11. Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You can get the Cancer Sucks socks here

    They also have some "save the tata's" socks as well! I think a portion of the proceeds goes towards the organization!

    Great job getting out there with the yak trax, I'm impressed with all of you icy/snowy runners!

  12. Hi TerryProf,
    Thanks for your sweet comments! I appreciate your support and encouragement:)

  13. Dang.... I was going to ask what you looked like. ;) Ha!!

    RE: your comment on my blog about Dome Running: the floors are polished, but they are not slippery at all. The worst thing about Dome Running is the air is really dry, and the back of my throat gets sore from breathing so hard. A bottle of water is needed! And the floor is REALLY hard, so I can only do intervals - if I try to just run 5 miles straight, my heels and knees get REALLY sore. Come check it out sometime!

  14. OK I am dying laughing at your cucumber dick story/comment on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi, Julie. So glad you're going to run LUABC. We've put in an order for weather just like last year ... sunny and warm! Save the Tatas ...that's very cute. I'll have to Google it.

  16. Hey Julie. You should skip running the track on Tues and Thurs and run the dome. I agree with steve's comments about it above, especially the dryness. I can usual run 6-10 miles there without much problem with the hard floors. PLUS it beats having to run on the treadmill!

  17. I grew up on a farm too! FINALLY someone else who rode steers (love that you didn't just call it a "cow")

    I've got a few 4-h trophys in the attic somewhere!!


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