Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My "A" Game Plans Are Together

I am very happy to say that today was very productive! Today was my day off and I was able to get so much done. I had an appointment with my massage therapist this morning. The good news is that she was able to work out some problem areas in my hip! The bad news is that she basically told me that my body was a mess. My muscles were so tight and coiled....she said they felt like ropes. I have to tell you, it was not the most pleasurable massage that I have had. It hurt like hell and I was cringing about 60% of the session. My body really needed it and even though it wasn't as relaxing as I had hip feels much better. I was afraid that I was dealing with bursitis in my hip. I have been having issues with it ever since I ran my 10 mile in September. Dani said that it felt like a few of my muscle attachments just need to be worked out. I also got lectured on stretching before I go on my daily runs...especially the ones outside.

Today I made a trip to Velocity Sports Performance and signed up for training sessions! I am very thrilled to start strength, stability& abs (Core focus & lower inpact training). I will be training with other adult athletes who are there to improve their strength.

I met Linda, the long distance specialist who will be helping me with a training plan and schedule.

Linda knows her stuff, she has been running for years and has competed in countless half and full marathons.

I have watched my daughter Kay train and work out here over the past two years. Kay plays basketball and runs track. I also asked her run a few 5ks with me over the summer....she was awesome! She went home with more awards and medals than I did. She needed a little extra something to give her the finess needed for a "A" basketball game. It was such a good experience for her and I saw many groups of adults working out too. In the back of my mind I thought to myself that I could do the things that they were doing.

So this will be my home away from home for the next three months as I train and work my ass off to get in shape for my half marathons! That being first half marathon is the Lace Up For Breast Cancer on February 14th! My time may not be beautiful in my mind but I will finish!

I will also be doing speed training at our health club....working out on the track:) I have missed sprinting on a track. I love to watch my daughter run in the same sprints and relays that I did. She is a starter for all of her relays just like I was. Fast out of the blocks:)

Well, I have things to do! I would like the rest of the evening to drag out......I only have 12 more hours of being 39! Oh my me!!


  1. Man, I wish I lived in a city and had access to this stuff! Looks awesome!!! Good luck with the training! Hope you have a great birthday!

  2. Wow, you're on the move sista! That gym looks new, clean and full of great equipment. You're going to love this place, I'm sure. HAPPY started young too and you look great and you're only going to get better!! Have a super birthday!

  3. Looks like a great gym. I always thought you weren't supposed to stretch with cold muscles . . . hmm.

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day.

  4. That is great.
    Where is your next half marathon? Hopefully somewhere warmer.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Your daughter sounds like someone you need to train hard just to keep up with?! Great you have been running with her. My kiddos are very young, but we do at least a mile (run/walk) together twice a week.

    Great looking gym and you will do well in your training. Sounds like you are putting it altogether the right way.


  6. Welcome to 40. It's not that bad.

  7. Wow thats exciting!

    And Happy Birthday!

  8. We used to have a Velocity sports in Denver but the one near me closed :(. Sounds like an incredible experience - will be great reading up on your journey!
    Happy Birthday!!!!! :)

  9. Happy 40th! What a fun birthday to be celebrating! You look fantastic in the pics- I love your lipstick! Do you have any idea where your hip issues stem from?

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Birthday! I am getting deep tissue massage on my legs as well to work out some muscular imbalances. You are right, I was "cringing" about as much as well. The Physical Therapist said that this is no "fluff" massage. She sure is right!

  11. How's 40?

    Yes, there is a 5K along with the Winter Carnival Half. Check out this link.

  12. And in answer to your question...

    My first 1/2 is on Feb. 21st

  13. Hi! Thanks for visiting and leaving such supportive comments!

    The answer to your question is that you should come by the big city if you've never been! Like you said, there's so much to see and do around here. Come during the warmer months though so you can walk around and enjoy the great outdoors!

  14. Happy 40th B-Day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    40 isn't so bad. I kind of like being a running 40 year old and now we are in the Masters class.


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